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Compact Curved Half-Vision Units

941 Series


Add glass Compact Curved Half-vision Units for product display.

One adjustable glass shelf 12" D (15" at middle), and a total of two adjustable wood shelves behind bypass doors in lower storage area. 

26" D x 45" W x 42" H




Halogen lighting

Mirror on inside of doors

Privacy Swing Gate

Locking Doors & Drawers

Upholstered inserts for case


Curved Half-Vision Units

961 Series

Add glass Curved Half-vision Units for product display.

Includes two total 12" deep adjustable glass shelves inside glass case and adjustable wood shelf behind bypass doors in lower section.

Cabinets are 24" D x 73" W x 42" H



Halogen lighting

Mirror on inside of doors

Privacy Swing Gate

Locking Doors

Upholstered inserts for case


Straight Counter Units

400 Series

Durable Laminate Counters.

Epoxy Drawer Guides.

Flush-mounted continuous pulls.

Includes two open adjustable

shelves and one adjustable shelf

behind doors.

24" D x 42" H

12", 24", 36", 48", 60" Wide


34" High ADA Shelf Counter

Check-writing Counter

Recessed Slatwall Display Front

Recessed Wood or Glass Display Front

Privacy Swing Gate

Golf Ball Dispenser

Premium countertop surface (Corian, Metal Laminate)

Decorative Applique Moulding on front and side


Western Poplar Pedestals

Lightweight solid wood cubes and risers. New to our lines are pedestals made with Western (farmed) Poplar, which is growing on a large farm in Oregon. Western Poplar is a light weight material, is a totally green product and  is ideal for making  display cubes. Made with ½” Poplar, a set of six nesting cubes 10” x 10” to 17” x 17” weighs about 70#.  This material takes stain well and is an excellent base for paint. Call for custom display cube pricing and shipment schedule. Perfect for a Mannequin Stand.


Western Poplar Tables

Newood's poplar nesting tables can be purchased individually or in sets.  Standard table top sizes are 24" x 48" ; 24" x 40" ; 24" x 32".  Sturdy legs are 2-1/2" square by 20", 25" and 30".  Our high quality tables are very ecnomically priced.  In addition to our standard sizes, we will make tables to your custom specification.


Elite Kids Double-High Gondola

This gondola clothing fixture is the workhorse of our kids line.  As with all our kids units it is made with solid wood for ultimate strength and appearance.  It is available in 32”W or 48”W to fit all your needs.  The 48”W unit has 20 face-out hanging locations!  Our gondola accessories include hang-rods for side hang, face-outs for front hanging and shelves for folded merchandising.  


Elite Kids Single-High Gondola

This gondola is the same design as our double high gondola but shorter at 48”.  Also available in 32”W or 48”W so you can have the right fixture for the space available.  All the same accessories are available as the double high unit.  Choose chrome or wood face-outs and hang-rods depending on your need.  


Elite Kids 4-Way

This kids 4-way fixture is an attractive unit to showcase a wide selection of clothes.  Like our 2-way unit the 4-way is also available in the 48”H single or the 65”H double.  Solid wood makes it durable and strong.  Remember, the double high unit also works great for adult apparel. 


Elite Kids 2-Way

This kids 2-way is strong and sturdy. Made with solid wood you can choose the 48”H single or the 65”H double.  The double high unit also works great for adult apparel.  Like all of our kids fixtures these units come KD for easy, cost-effective shipping.  Accessories include chrome or wood face-outs


Designer’s Choice Headers

Moulding Options 
Headers are 3-1/4" and 6-1/2" high and can be mixed within the same run. Stock moulding patterns for each height are shown below. Color stripes can be added to moulding patterns which have an = sign. Laminates can be added to moulding patterns with a + sign. Moulding patterns with both an = and + accept both color stripes and laminates. All Headers are available in Oak and Maple. Headers with taped edges (T) only (no moulding) are also available in standard Oak-grained and Maple-grained Melamine. Other Melamine options are available by quotation.

3-1/4" Profile Header Options
3PT, 3P1, 3P2=, 3P3, 3P4=, 3P7-2+, 3P9, 3P10-2+

6-1/2" Profile Header Options
The bottom row patterns are 1-1/2" thick and use two pieces of the 1-3/4" wide moulding patterns shown above with a space for laminate between them. 
6PT, 6P1, 6P2=, 6P3, 6P4=, 6P0-2+, 6P1-2+, 6P2-2+=. 6P3-2+, 6P4-2=+, 6P7-2+, 6P8-2=+, 6P9-2+6P10-2+

Sign Holder
Use as header.
1-1/2" thick x 6-1/2" high accepts any 1/4" thick x 5-1/4" high material


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