Product Overview


Product Overview

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Every store wants to create a memorable shopping experience for both existing and potential customers. To distinguish a store, you must carefully tend to all details from location, layout, lighting, flooring, fixturing, product mix, display, and graphics ... to parking, service, general policies, and procedures. Just when you have found the perfect balance, everything must be reassessed and rearranged to recapture your customers’ attention.

Our Designer’s Choice System offers hundreds of design options previously only available by hiring an architect or designer and contracting with a custom manufacturer.

NEWOOD’s large selection of standard store display fixtures and accessories are available in Oak and Maple in your choice of clear lacquer, stain or painted finishes. Some designs are available in wood-grained Melamine. With no minimum purchase requirements you can add one shelf or a whole departement as needed.

Custom designs, including cash wraps, dressing rooms, design elements, specialty fixtures, perimeters and floor displays, point-of-purchase, vendor concept shops and show booths are available in a variety of materials and finishes by quotation.

Variety of Standard Modular DesignsPerimeter systems and freestanding fixtures include:

  • Bins - starter & add-on wall, floor units
  • Bookcases - starter and add-on wall, floor units
  • Cash Wraps - Stand-alone Modular Custom
  • Chairs, Benches, Fitting Stools, Shoe Mirrors
  • Custom Designs
  • Dowel Panels - See through panels connect inline, at right angles or hinge. Wall mount or use freestanding.
  • elite (Gondolas, Basic Rack, Columns) - Shaped-edge freestanding fixtures
  • Designer’s Choice - Perimeter system & floor fixtures. Looks site-built, ships KD.
  • Kids Fixtures - Display fixtures just for kids’ stuff! (2-Way & 4-Way Racks, Single & Double-high Gondolas, Gondola Accessories)
  • NEWLOCK® (Panel Displays, Columns, Wall Standards) - Mount standards on walls, columns or partitions. Complementary freestanding fixtures. Interchangeable accessories.
  • NEW-Wall (Wall Standards, 4-Ways) - An alternative to slatwall. Designed to carry heavy loads. Mount standards on walls, columns or partitions. Complementary freestanding fixtures.
  • Shelving - Starter and add-on system in different heights and widths. Back panels, end panels and crown moulding caps.
  • Slatwall Fixtures (Spinner, H)
  • Tables - Tri-levels and nesting tables.
  • Wine & Liquor (NEWConcept Units, Baskets & Cabinets, Islands, Shelving) - Laid down storage and upright display of wine and liquor bottles.

‘Modular’ means that most of the fixtures can be added or rearranged into different configurations. ‘Standard Designs’ mean that when you want to add to your fixturing at a later time, the fixtures and accessories will be available and everything will fit together and match. ‘No minimum purchase requirements’ means that you can buy as little as one shelf.

Fixture Accessories
All accessories such as shelves, hangrods and faceouts are adjustable. This allows you to add, remove, or change the height of the accessories to fit your merchandising needs as your product line changes. Your arrangement of accessories to display your products allow you to create your own special look.

Clear lacquer over Oak and Maple allows the natural beauty of the wood to show through. Stains or paint can give a rich, upscale look or a casual and playful atmosphere. Add the choice of different powder-coatings to the metal bracketing and you have even more opportunity to have your own ‘custom’ standard modular designs.

Custom Designs (Point of Purchase, Visual Merchandising)
Permanent wood fixtures with optional signage designed to enhance your merchandise and assure floor space of your own.