A-Line Wood Shelving


A-Line Wood Shelving

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Newood introduced the Hemlock A-line retail display shelving system so we could offer quality solid wood shelving at a lower price. Hemlock is a strong structural softwood normally used for home construction. Hemlock upright frame construction is the same as the S-line wood shelving system. We use Hemlock upright frames and 7/8” Hemlock shelves for displaying all standard weight retail merchandise. For displaying wine, Heavy (-HS) Hemlock wood shelves are reinforced to carry 300+ pounds per shelf. Like the S-line, our A-Line is used for perimeter wall shelving and back-to-back starter and add-on runs on the floor. Bolt single runs  back to back for added stability. Back panels between shelving display units are optional. 

Hemlock  standard wood shelving dimensions are 16”, 20” and 24” deep, by 24”, 36” and 48” wide and upright are 54”, 60”, 72”, 84”and 96” high. Starter unit include two uprights, two kick boards, two connecting rails and add-on units have only one upright. Standard 7/8” adjustable shelves and shelves with optional Moulding on the edges are ordered in the quantity needed.

If you have a floor plan and are interested in the Hemlock A-line system, call and let us know what sizes you are interested in, and we can help you with a floor plan layout. From there, we can provide a quote including detailed prices, complete with a freight quote.  



In the example to the left, this is a clear lacquer starter unit that is 16" Deep x 48" Wide x 84" High. You would find the clear lacquer prices of the basic starter frame, then add 4 adjustable shelves.

1 AH1-1648-84S $229.00 $229.00
4 AHS-1648-00 $40.00 $160.00
    TOTAL: $389.00


This is a Solid Wood shelving étagère unit for $389 with a clear lacquer finish (Or $314 unfinished!) Where else will you find a Made in the USA wood retail shelving unit for such a low price!



In this example, there is (1) starter unit and (1) add-on unit connected. This is where the financial benefit of a starter/add-on system becomes clear. The add-on unit connets to the starter unit, sharing the middle upright. 

1 AH1-1648-84S $229.00 $229.00
1 AH1-1648-84A $167.00 $167.00
8 AHS-1648-00 $40.00 $320.00
    TOTAL: $716.00


This starter/add-on example is only $716 in a clear laquer finish (Or $579 unfinished!). Call and let us help you price out your floor plan.



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