Book Wall Shelving


Book Wall Shelving

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Single sided book display starter and add-on units are 54” and 96” high. Use single sided for perimeter wall book display shelving or used back to back for floor runs. Shelves are adjustable every 1” on center for maximum shelf spacing. Shelves are 9” deep and slanted backwards. Display books with binding or book cover showing. See Floor Displays for back to back book gondolas. 
Most of our perimeter wall display systems work well for high back-to-back display shelving runs of starter plus add-on units. Below are six unique floor display options that provide high strength support for a variety of merchandise. Standard open shelving includes Oak/Maple (S-Line) shelving, Hemlock (A-Line) shelving and Pine (NewSelect) shelving, which is Lundia compatible, therefore NewSelect can supplement existing Lundia stockroom installations or can be used for lower cost retail display shelving.  

All the shelving display systems below are used to display a wide variety of merchandise at various prices, like in good, better and best. Oak and Maple are considered the top of the lines and therefore, carries a higher price. Finish options include unfinished, clear lacquer  and stain plus lacquer. 


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