Slatwall Spinners


Slatwall Spinners

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Slots 3" on center on one side of each panel provide 360 degree merchandising. Four spaces for hooks up to 10" long, regular 12" x 12" shelves and shelves with ledgers. 6" raised rotating base and top optional. Ships KD.

The 4-panel rotating slatwall spinner uses 3” O.C. slatwall. Use any size slatwall hook, or use our wood shelves. Shelves are available with or without wood lip. Can be ordered with optional 6” raised base.

The 3-panel rotating slatwall spinner provides six display surfaces of 4” O.C. Slatwall. Ideal for short hooks and small items. Can be ordered with an optional 6” raised base.

Slots 4" on center on both sides of each panel provide six spaces for displaying merchandise (50% more than 4-ways). 4" hooks and shallow accessories recommended. Use longer hooks away from the center. Panel sizes from 12" x 48" to 16" x 60".
Priced with a rotating base.
Raised rotating base optional. Ships KD.


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