Tables & Pedestals


Tables & Pedestals

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There is nothing more basic to the art of displaying merchandise than using tables, pedestals and bins. Fortunately, Newood offers a wide range of quality wood tables designs from which to choose. Most of these designs ship KD, which save packaging, freight and costs due too damage occurring during handling and shipping. Plain ¾” edges can be ordered taped or up graded by adding moulded trim to table edges whether nesting tables, 2 level, 3 level, or 4 level tables.

Material options include Oak, Maple, and in some cases, lower cost Melamine and Western (farmed) Poplar. Our display tables are used for merchandising any product needing a flat surface, including shoes. Items specifically used for shoe departments are cubes, shoe stools and shoe mirrors. Recently, Newood introduced lower cost nesting tables and cubes made with Oregon farm grown Western Poplar. 


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