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Wine & Liquor

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Designing and supplying wood shelving and retail fixture displays for wine and liquor stores has been a big part of Newood’s wine display business for 30 years. Listed below are wood racks and wall shelving for merchandising wine bottles that really work. Wood compliments wine and whether displayed laid down, in baskets or merchandised standing upright, we provide many options that are visually pleasing. 

Displaying wine, liquor, spirits or any bottled goods requires extra strong wood shelves that hold at least 300# per shelf. All of Newood’s wine and spirits storage shelving is designed to exceed that requirement, with extra strength to spare. The cost to display wine per bottle is a fair way of determining the comparative cost of any wine display fixture. Newood offers a variety of retail wine display options with varying per bottle cost.  

When browsing through our many different wine and liquor fixture designs, keep in mind most wine racks are designed to hold a typical bottle size. Mangum sized spacing can be built to order, as long as you specify that when talking with a sales associate. We have listed below common bottles, to make sure you order the wine rack you want.


Split         Bordeaux   Riesling    Burgandy  Large Pinot Magnum 
2-3/8" 2-7/8" 2-7/8" 3-1/4" 3-3/8" 4"
375ml 750ml 750ml 750ml 750ml 1.5l





You can also download a complete wine/liquor PDF file here:


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